Time-lapse is a technique that allows users to review at high speed events which by their nature last for a long time. A classic example is clouds movement over the landscape or traffic in big cities.

These techniques are used today to review the construction of buildings and civil works during the entire construction period, even if it last for years.

For designers and builders, a time-lapse video is extremely useful to:

  • Check in real time the status of the work progress  from the office or on the way, through a simple and intuitive interface, even on smarphone or tablet;
  • Review what happened in a range of days, weeks, or months;
  • Provide the customer an amazing view on its property development;
  • Create high-impact,  promotion movies.

Salt & Lemon offers a Time Lapse service, called BUILDING.LAPSE for local shooting and remote viewing of images covering the entire life cycle of a building site.

The service is proposed in turn-key formula which includes as monthly fee:

  • All the necessary equipment for the service;
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the equipment;
  • Web service for images and videos viewing.

All the equipment is designed specifically for this purposeand it guarantees:

  • Ability to stay outdoors for years with minimal maintenance;
  • Control of the hot / cold temperature where necessary;
  • Power supply protected by UPS in the event of voltage failures

The service can work with different Internet connections:  cable, WiFi or cellular network.