In territory management, drones are used to:

  1. discover building abuses;
  2. manage emergencies such as landslides, floods, fires;
  3. audit  work progress and  respect project schedules;
  4. have an overview of the local territory and its evolution over time.


Thanks to zenital photography it is possible to get pictures processed  through  aerial photogrammetry  to achieve very high resolution maps.

The service includes the flight, the so called picture “mosaic” and the photo processing to provide maps available in the most popular GIS formats.

The pictures can be taken at different resolutions ranging from covering the entire territory (eg a small town) to the detail of a single building.

Some of our works

“Mosaic” reconstruction  of high resolution images of a historic center for detecting building abuses
Aerial photographs for the assessment of flood damage of a centenary forest
 Documentation for insurance report on damage caused by hail to the roof of a building