A drone itself is not enough to be an UAV operator. Different missions, each with its features, require different drones, cameras and sensors.

Salt & Lemon has got a whole fleet of vehicles: from standard ones to those specially designed to operate in specific operating environments.
Together with the customer, we decide from time to time which is the best vehicle to be used to achieve that specific goal.

Here is a brief overview of our products -but we are already preparing new ones!

Sensefly eBee RTK

Leader in the fixed wing UAV sector for topography applications, the wBee RTK allows to easily map wxtensive areas: up to 8 square kilometers (800 hectars) though a single flight.

The availability of a RTK GPS allows to reach a precision with a maximun error of few centimeters.

EPx Series

SLD-EP7 sideThese are the  drones we use most: true work machines, highly reliable, equipped with our standard payload attachement system that allows  to easily mount cameras, video-cameras,  thermal and multispectral cameras and customized sensors, even in combination with each other.

Manufactured by our lab on a standard high-strength chassis and equipped with our standard avionics in a simple or duplicate version for safety.


ScaldasoleWe are currently using the  EP6 model (in the picture during a Precision Farming mission over a paddy) and the new EP7 (picture above) with improved flight autonomy and load capacity.


006 Model

IvecoDaily_1179aIt is the oldest drone still active in our fleet. Built in 2011 when  drones were a break-through technology.
Today it is still in service for movie shootings because our pilots do not want to abandon it! (In the picture used in a recent advertisement for a famous car manufacturer).

Despite its 12 kg weight on takeoff, it offers a fluidity of flight and a manageability that makes it still great for video shootings, carrying  many different types of video-cameras. Its dual monitor control console (one for telemetry and the other for video) with its ergonomic shape offers the pilot first-class convenience and  control. Nicknamed “Salad” because his coat had been made from a plastic food container…eh, good old times ;-)

D Series

The D Series includes tandard DJI models that are increasingly required whenever low cost and compactness are important.
These products are limited to photography / video and can not currently carry other types of sensors.

SLD-D02 07D01 – Inspire 1 pro

Great for video shootings;the new 4k camera offers a quality that does not have much to envy to much more expensive models.





SLD-D01 03D02 – Phantom 4 professional

Small and handy, it fits every situation. We had used it on boats in high mountains… and it has always produced a great result.





009 Model

SLD009-01aThis small APR is called MiniTrainer because it is used for pilot training. It’s a small and very robust, impact-proof system (and we had gone through different tests ;-)

Equipped with the same avionics of the EPx models, it allows new pilots to practice in flight, in drone configuration and mission programming without having to worry about damaging much more expensive vehicles


Prototypes and test vehicles


In addition to  vehicles entered into the operating phase, Salt & Lemon has developed several prototypes for particular functions. These droness are not used today but are part of our design experience such as the micro drone weighing less than 300 grams (in the picture on the left) equipped with the same avionics of the upper models and therefore able to perform missions, GPS control and all other functions.