Depending on the expected results, the missions are carried out with different UAVs and sensors.


From tiny drone with weight less than 300 grams in order to operare at any place in accordance with current legislation, to drones able to carry in flight several pounds of payload.


From RGB in the visible light and high-quality video (up to over 4k resolution), to multispectral sensors useful in precision farming , to thermal sensors for thermography.


Specialized software for video processing and advertising images, for the treatment of thermal and multispectral images in order to extract useful information from the raw data.


The Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a software system for the optimization of planning, construction and management of buildings. Through it all relevant to a construction data can be collected, combined and connected digitally. The virtual building is also viewed as a three-dimensional geometric model.

The Building Information Modeling is used both in the construction industry for the design and construction (architecture, engineering, technical facilities) as well as facility management. (WikiPedia).