Salt & Lemon can handle production and post production activities for the film, short film, documentary  and avertisement sectors.


Our professionals have participated in international-level productions of feature films, documentaries, TV series and advertisement. So we can cooperatein any project, not only ensuring our professional reliability, but also provide experience and suggestions for the best shooting performance.

Post Production

Salt & Lemon has two independent editing stations each specializing in a particular post production area. From acquisition to final export, we can handle any format, from old U-Matic tape formats to Betacam SP, to the latest generation digital 4K .

Our post-production activities range from video editing, visual effects and post processing (compositing, titles, image stabilization and cleaning, restoration of old movies), from color correction with DaVinci Resolve up to final export with mastering on dvd or Blu-ray. We also produce standard DCP formats for movie distribution

Salt&Lemon dispone di due stazioni di montaggio indipendenti ognuna delle quali specializzata in una particolare area della post produzione. Dall’acquisizione all’export finale Salt & Lemon può gestire ogni formato, dai vecchi formati su nastro U-Matic e Betacam SP, fino al digitale 4K di ultima generazione.


The Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is the standard for movie distribution in movie theaters that had upgraded to the digital world. Now more than half of Italian cinemas can reproduce this kind of format that in a few years will completely replace the traditional film that, due to the high costs of duplication and distribution, will be disused.