Salt & Lemon has a strong experience in the aerial film industry, specifically  in the field of cinema, television, advertising and corporate videos.

In the field of advertisement and corporate videos, we have performed aerial shootings for major automotive brands, specializing in aerial shoots of moving vehicles, including most of the FIAT Chrysler brands: Abarth, Iveco, Jeep,  Maserati, New Holland (every new model), Iveco, and Land Rover. FIAT models include: Panda (standard , Cross and Qubo), Doblò, 500 Abarth and FIAT 124 Spider. We ‘d also  been filming for the world championship champion Tony Cairoli (RedBull).

We’ve gone through major projects for the promotion of industrial plants and  buiding sites using a combination of aerial photogrammetry and time lapse technology.
We have worked in the television field for popular formats such as MasterChef and MasterPiece; with major Japanese broadcasters such as  NHK (specifically in a reality show  in the Swiss resort of Adelboden and in a documentary on alpine fauna) and TBS Vision (in a documentary  of worldwide UNESCO sites); with a major Chinese broadcaster, such as Beijing Satellite Television -BST- ( in a reality show  called “My wedding around the world”).

We’ve  cooperated in partnership with the national Italian broadcaster, RAI, for live events such as the climbing of the “Mole Antonelliana” in Turin (to celebrate the 150th year of Italy Unification) and Giro d’Italia 2013 (Stage Canavese and Ivrea), and regularly providing them with aerial shootings on various topics from our archive.
In the film field we’ve worked on several occasions with director Davide Ferrario (for example in the film “La luna su Torino” and the documentary “Piazza Garibaldi”) and with director Riccardo Milani in the film “Benvenuto Presidente” with Claudio Bisio.
We’ve produced movies for tourism for important national and international structures such as Forte Village in Sardinia, the SeaClub Amarina tourist resort in Madagascar by Franco Rosso (Alpitour group), the Venaria Royal Palace  and the Isole Borromee on the well know Lago maggiore.
In the  Precision Agriculture field, we’ve carried out aerial services for: the production of  so called Vigor Maps  and subsequent Prescription Maps used by VTR (Variable Rate) tractors for rice and wheat cultivation; monitoring water stress conditions in corn crops; we are also active in viticulture and tomato cultivation.  We cooperate with Ente nazionale RIsi (the rice national Authority) and the Agriculture Departmento of Turin University  with whom he has developed a scientifically validated procedure for optimizing the fertilization process both in rice and wheat cultivation.

Here is a list of numerous references in precision agriculture:

In the field of industrial inspections, we’ve carried out aerial services for the work progress of the  new Mont Blanc cablecar , called Skyway, the completion of the Brennero Motorway and for the maintenance of e Vodafone plants in Ivrea .

In the field of energy efficiency we’ve carried out aerial services with related thermographic analysis for the monitoring of 12 photovoltaic plants (for a total of 6 MW in Emilia Romagna) and a 800 KW plant in Piobesi, near Turin (see customer interview).

In the field of photogrammetry and territorial mapping we’ve been operating  for various municipal administrations, including Borgomasino (building abuses), Bollengo (cadastre updating), Rivarolo (environmental abuse), Chiaverano (3D rendering of historic buildings for a relevant lighting project in cooperation with Politecnico di Torino)

Finally, Salt & Lemon has worked in partnership  with Canon Italia to test their new models on our drones to ensure optimum image quality even in aerial photography. For Canon  we’ve done as well the  launch video of some professional video-cameras. .