Salt & Lemon believes that information and dissemination of drones potential  to the public, not only to specialist, is one of its . For this reason we pay particular attention to information and training; we attend and organize ourselves events at various levels.

Some of our activities

Workshops introducing the UAV world

The aim is to introduce to a non-specialized audience the applications and benefits that drones will bring to many work activities

Specialized training

For those who want to become a leading company industry, Salt & Lemon offers classess on the various technologies used in drones, avionics components, flight techniques, and commonly used data processing applications. Last but not least  pre-sale support.


Field practical training

For those who want to work in a skilled and professional way we offer an “hands on” approach where it is possible to  join our missions, learn flight techniques and data processing programs,  supported by our specialized staff.

Attending conferences as guest speakers


Attending institutional events as guest speakers

Joining intenational events