Becoming autonomous in operations with drones

If expected that the use of drones will be an important element in the development of its business, a company can decide to invest to become independent by acquiring the technologies and the necessary professionalism.
There are several good reasons to do so: it can be an efficient element in the conduct of its activities, reduction in transaction costs and can generate new revenues by broadening the range of services offered.

Rely on experience

Every investment must be evaluated by identifying the key elements for success,
We must carefully choose resources, personnel, maintenance and management mode, to be able to identify each of these areas the items with the best balance between cost and effectiveness.

Having a partner Salt & Lemon means to rely on the expertise and experience gained for advice and guidance, training and support.
With Salt & Lemon your company will never be alone and can successfully overcome the start-up phase.

Evaluate outsourcing

Not always we are ready to deal with an initiative in complete autonomy. Restrictions in budget or staff can make a challenging a management totally in house.
Salt & Lemon offers various levels of collaboration and the client may decide to leave outside the management of certain assets.
Salt & Lemon, for example, can initially provide UAVs or pilots ready to use, take over the maintenance of the UAVs or the management of the documents required by the ENAC.